Friday, August 11, 2017

Prisoner 88...Canadian Holocaust Survivor Or Mainstream Manufactured Reality???

Canadian Holocaust survivor 'Prisoner 88' has died — here's how he described his time at Auschwitz

Sigmund Sobolewski, one of the first prisoners to walk through the gates at Auschwitz, has died. He was 94. Born in Torun, Poland, in 1923, Sobolewski was only 17 when he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz. Known as Prisoner 88, he was held there for 4 1/2 years. His inmate number was tattooed on his arm and he never forgot what he went through — and he tried to make sure no one 
did, either. After the war, Sobolewski relocated to Alberta, where he was a vocal opponent of neo-Nazism and Holocaust deniers, often attending protests wearing a replica of his prisoner uniform. He died on Monday after contracting pneumonia, the Globe and Mail reports. Sobolewski spoke with As It Happens on June 14, 1989 — marking 49 years to the day that the rst group of prisoners arrived at Auschwitz.

Prisoner 88 Eight Eight 113 Dishonest, DisInfo, Mainstream, Fiction (94 Puppet) (212/4=53 Controlled. Falseness) (274/2=137=33p Fakery) (Su 1272/8=159 This Is A Lie) (F 290=29 (FB 421=82p Concocted) (S 842/2=421=82p Pretend, Concocted) (E 932/4=233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 672/7=96 Fakery, Freemason)
Sigmund Sobolewski 73=21p Hoax (217/7=31 B.S.) (Su 1302=132 Amusement) (F 269=57p Improvisate) (S 812/2=406=46 Deception, Deceiver) (E 1396/4=349=70p Robot)
(J 1606=166/2=83=23p Faker, Fraud)

In an interview with host Dale Goldhawk, Sobolewski described his time at the camp and how witnessing the horriffc treatment of Jewish prisoners still haunted him. Here is part of their conversation, from our archives.

Can you tell us, Mr. Sobolewski, why you were sent to Auschwitz?

It was a part of a large action against Polish intelligentsia. At that time, about 6,000 members of the middle-class were arrested. They came to arrest my father, who was a captain in the Polish army. My father was dying, at that time, of cancer. He was practically half conscious, so they left him and they picked up me and my mother.

about Six Thousand (6,000) members of the middle-class were arrested 215/5=43 Its Not Real (298/2=149=35p Farcical) (584/8=73=21p Hoax) (793/13=61=18p Faked)(Su 3504=354/3=118 Death, Shunners) (F 636/6=106) (S 2369/23=103 B.S.) (E 3977/41=97 Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (J 3287/19=173 Inauthentic)

How were you treated in the camp?

In the beginning, we were just being treated like, more or less, military recruits. We were marching around. We were running. I considered it a big joke. Then, gradually, this joke was becoming more sour and sour. Then I could see the rst people dying and then I could see the rst people who were beaten. From the very first day, the Jews and Roman Catholic priests were separated from us and they got much rougher treatment. We who were [there] at that time, who survived, we have seen the Jews of Auschwitz being beaten, being hanged, being garroted, being drowned in latrine cesspools, being demoralized with threats, "Soon you will die, Jew," and so on.

Soon you will die, Jew 83=23p Fantasy, Lying, Joker (88 Artificial, Program) (236/2=118 Death, Unhuntable) (223=48p Hoax) (F 288/3=96 Fakery, Freemason) (FB 470=47 Contrived) (S 831/3=277=59p Joker) (E 2432/64=38 Death, Trick) (J 3352/8=419=81p Deliberate)

VP Eight Eight Auschwitz 113 Dishonest, Fiction, Not True (103=B.S.) (266/2=133 Its Not Real, This is a Hoax) (301/7=43 Fairy Tale) (F 396/6=66 Fakery) (FB 527/17=31 B.S.) (S 1001=101=26p Lie) (E 2849/37=77 Damn Lies) (J 2829/23=123 Invented, Conspiracy)

Is Prisoner 88 a real Jew and is he a Holocaust survivor?? The numbers shows that Prisoner 88 is a mainstream media invented person to sell the narrative that Jews were mistreated during WW II. The Photo decoded shows that this Holocaust survivor is a fictional person decorated to garner sympathy and deception about the Jews imprisoned.

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