Friday, March 2, 2018



Unstoppable 42 Invented, Freemason (51 Conspiracy, Illusion) 
(57 Questioning, Improvisate) (141 Extemporize) (156 Brainlessness, Fictitiously) 
(F 167=39p Invented, Illusion) (FB 281=60p Hoax) (E 888/8=111 This is a Lie) 
(J 628/4=157=37p Concocted) (O 88 Artificial, The Great Deceiver) 
(Pr 460/5=92 Laughter, The Synagogue Of Satan)

Unlimited Range 71 Falsified, Unreal (152 Deception, Bamboozle) 
(226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction, B.S.) (F 204/2=102 Farce, Magic) 
(FB 302/2=151=36p Mockery, Schemers) (E 800=80 Conceived) 
(J 550/5=110 Hoaxster) (O 113 Not True, Not Facual, DisInfo)
(Pr 463=90p Mockery, Holy Bible)

Cannot Be Intercepted 85 Not Real, Fraud, Duped (104 Moonwalk, Conjurer) 
(193=44p Kill, Nonsensical, Fictional) (320/2=160 Increditability
(F 271=58p Ludicrous, Fraudulent) (FB 383=76p Unrealistic, Taunt) 
(E 1012/11=92 Laughter, The Synagogue Of Satan) 
 (O 134 Inconceivably, Fictioneering)

Satan Two nuclear missile 84 Lamebrained (111 This is a Lie) 
(141 Untruths, Fictionizing) (273/3=91 Deception, Unreal) 
(321/3=107 Pretend, Trickery) (F 325/5=65 Absurd) (FB 544/4=136 Counterfeit) 
(E/J 1844/12=157 Conspirators) (O 166 Unrealistic, Falsifiers) 
(Pr 887=154p Fictionize, Shameproof)

Vladimir Putin Unstoppable Bomb will be like all the rest.......all hype and no explosions of mass extinction. What it will do is instill fear into the believers of his lies and deceptions. Also....the agenda is to start a new arm race because WAR is profitable even if it is fought in the mainstream medias. New weapons systems means big bucks for defense corporations which is what all these announcements are for. The weapons won't do what it is intended to do which is the deceptions but the bottom line is RUBLES and lots of it.

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