Thursday, March 29, 2018

Save Your Money And Buy Foods & Clothing Instead Of LOTTERY TICKETS!!!

Teen Lottery Winner Had Two Choices

Charlie Lagarde 104 Actor Agent (274/2=137=33p Fakery, Phony) 
(156/3=52 This is a Hoax) (FB 206/2=103 B.S.) (S 594/6=99 Mockery, Untrue) 
(J 244/4=61=18p Faked) (Pr 295/5=59 Green Screen, Delusional)

Charlie took home One Thousand Dollar a week for life 211=47p Contrived) 
(472/4=118 Controlled) (F 576/8=96 Fakery, Shammers) (FB 940=94 Forgery) 
(E 2389=355p/5=71 Unreal, Deceiver) (J 2289/21=109 Trickery) (O 351=26T Lie) 
(Pr 1436/4=359=72p Improvisation)

Intentional Light Blue Color background Photographs 234+432=666/6=111 This is a Lie (531+135=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (FB 1057=157 Conspirators
(F 661=121p Ludicrous, Amusingly) (1899/9=211=47p Contrived) 
(O 379=75p Fabricative) (Pr 1647/61=27 Faked)

Light Pink And Dark Pink Coloured Piggy Bank 223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue 
Of Satan (394/2=197 Manufactured) (F 602/2=301=31 B.S.) (S 1689/3=563=103p B.S.) 
(E 2140/20=107 Trickery) (O 300=24T Con Man
(Pr 1194/6=199 =46p Deception, Bamboozler) (FB 780=39T Corrupt)

Save your money and by food rather than a LOTTERY TICKET. You'll never win the BIG PRIZE, maybe the small prizes. The winner in this news item is a coded ACTOR AGENT so she is a fictitious person and her motives are monetary and deception.

The photo decodes are proof undeniable that Lotteries are scams and you should be self aware of their deceptions and dishonest motives.

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