Saturday, March 17, 2018

Did Aaron Hernandez Croak Or Is He Living On Sports Celebrity Island??

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez 72/2=36 Acting 72 Improvisation (144 Improviser) (196/14=14 Sham) (234+432=666/6=111 This is A Lie) (FB 286/13=22 Laugh, Duped) 
(S 634/2=317=66p Fakery, Fabricated) (J 855/5=171 Improvisation) (O 95 Forgery) 
(Pr 453/3=151=36p Mockery, Acting)

Aaron Josef Hernandez 91 Unreal, Bamboozle (98 Ingenuine)
(199=46p Ingenuine, Deception) (314/2=157 Mainstream) (F 277=59p Conspirators
(FB 395/5=79 Puppetry) (S 864/8=108 Acting) (J 1606=166 Actor Agent, Falsifiers
(O 136 Counterfeit) (Pr 620/4=155 The Great Deceiver)

Born Nov 6, 1989- 11+6+1+9+8+9=44 Kill, Deception/11+6+1+9+89=116 Fictionize, Shameproof/11+6+99+18=134 Fictioneering, Moonwalking

Died Apr 19, 2017-4+19+20+1+7=51 Conspiracy, Dishonesty/4+19+20+17=60 Hoax, Con Man/4+19+20+71=114 Inconceivable

Date Between Numerology – 1160-419=741=38T Death, Hoaxster/611-914=303=33 Fakery, Phony/1106-491=615/15=41 Actor Agent/6011-194=5817/21=277=59p Taunt, Fraudster

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+8+9=27 Faked/1+9+89=99 Mockery/99+18=117 Improvise

Death Year Numerology – 20+1+7=28 Falseness/20+17=37 Concocted/20+71=91 Unreal

From Nov 6, 1989– Apr 19, 2017 is a period of 27y 5m 13d – 27 Acting (513/3=171 Improvisation)
                                 is a period of 329m/7=47 Contrived
                                 is a period of 1432w/8=179=41p Not Real, Fraudulent. Actor Agent
                                 is a period of 10026d/18=557=102p Farce, Con Man

From Jan 1, 2017 – Apr 19, 2017 is a period of 3m 18d/3=106 Hoaxster
                                 is a period of 108d Acting, Hoodwinked

From Apr 19, 2017– Jan 1, 2018 is a period of 8m 13d/3=271=58p Actor Agent
                                 is a period of 36w Mockery, Acting
                                 is a period of 257d=55p Imposters

With the numbers for ACTING and for ACTOR AGENT.....if this decode is accurate then Aaron Hernandez is an undeniable Hoaxster.
If he died, it would be his character role that he portrayed as Aaron Hernandez that was sent up the river and not his true person.

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