Friday, March 30, 2018

Warlord CAO CAO (CC=33) And His Great HAN DYNASTY EMPIRE???

Chinese Warlord Cao Cao Found In A 1,800-Year-Old Han Dynasty Tomb

Chinese warlord Cao Cao 93 Invented, Unactual (114 Inconceivable) 
(192/2=96 Fakery, Characters, Fabricative) (348/3=116 Fictionize) (F 270=27 Faked) 
(FB 381/3=127 Manufactured) (S 892/4=223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(E 1083=183/2=61=18p Faked) (J 1043/23=61 ) (Pr 585/5=117 Improvise) 
(O 134 Fictioneering)

Cao Cao 38 Fakeries, Dupable (Su 228/2=114 Inconceivable) (F 90 Mockery) 
(FB 74 Jesus, Baloney) (S 248/2=124 Duplicity) (E 128 Dupable) (J/Pr 108 Unimaginable)

Eighteen Hundred year-old Han Dynasty tomb 174 Characters, Facsimiles 
(177 Improbable, Propaganda) (408=48 Hoax) (F 512/4=128 Dupable) 
(FB 812/7=116 Fictionize) (S 1668/12=139 Fictitious) (O 246/2=123 Invented, Trickster) 
(Pr 1299/3=433=84p Profit)

Underground tomb dates back to the year Two Two Zero AD 199=46p Deception 
(559/13=43 Its Not Real) (F 715/5=143 Falseness) (FB 1112/8=139 False Knowledge) 
(S 2134/22=97 Imaginary, Mocker) (E 5347=707p/7=101=26p Lie) 
(4597=622p/2=311=64p Unrealistically) (Pr 1825/25=73=21p Hoax)

Archaeologist Zhou Ligang 118 Not Real Name (116 Fictionize) (127 Manufactured) 
(253=22T Laugh) (F 331=67p Questionable) (FB 503=96p Fakery, Freemason, Glorifiable ) 
(J 1266/6=211=47p Contrived) (O 170 Connivance) (Pr 788/4=197 Manufactured)

Intentional Light Blue Color Coverings on excavation site 276=23T Fraud, Faker, Duped 
(600=60 Hoax) (750=75 Fabricative) (Su 3600=36 Mockery, Schemers) 
(F 730=73 Fictioneering) (FB 1195/5=239=52p This is a Hoax) 
(E 3975/25=159 This is a Lie) (J 3475/25=139 Fictitious) 
(O 401=79p Laughing/The Synagogue Of Satan) (Pr 1889=290p/2=145 Complicity)

Is the photo shown a coded photo and does it reveal that this archaeological site is a complete fabrication. In my mind, it is a hoax, a deception made up by dishonest people willing to dupe the public for their great egos only to grandstand and show that a GREAT DISCOVERY had been found.

If you want you could decode Intentional Light Blue Color Coverings on excavation site and substitute a U in the word COLOR and discover how much more mocking they can do.

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