Monday, March 26, 2018

Did John Paul Getty III Scam The Public With An Contrived Death???

John Paul Getty III

John Paul Getty III 201=21 Hoax (231=21T Santa Claus) 
(S 761=135p Ridicule, Knockoff) (J 1618/2=809=89 Fictional, Deceptive) 
(Pr 639/9=71 Unreal, Deceiver)

Paul Getty III 154 Fictional, Deceptive (FB 303=33 Fakery, Phony)
(E 1540=55T Santa, Satan) (J 920=92 Laughter/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(Pr 501=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy)

Born:Nov 4,1956 - 4+11+1+9+5+6=36 Mockery / 4+11+19+56=90 Mockery / 4+11+91+5+6=117 Improvise

Died:Feb 5, 2011- 5+2+20+11=38 Death, Hoaxster/5+2+2+101=110 Hoaxster/5+2+112=119 Duplicity, Star Of David

Birth Year Numerology – 1+9+5+6=21 Hoax / 19+56=75 Fabricative / 91+5+6=102 Farce, Magic

Death Year Numerology – 20+11=31 B.S. / 2+101=103 B.S., Treachery / 112 Moonwalk, Profiteer

Date Between Numerology – 411-52=359=72p Scam / 114-25=89 Fictional, Deceptive / 411-25=386/2=193=44p Kill, Deceptive / 520-114=406/7=58 Actor Agent, Fictioneer

From Nov 4, 1956 – Feb 5, 2011 is a period of 54y 3m 1d=717p/3=239=52p This is a Hoax
                                is a period of 651m/7=93 Invented, Unactual
                                is a period of 2830w=283=61p=18p Faked
                                is a period of 19816d/8=2477=367p=73p=21p Hoax

From Jan 1, 2011 – Feb 5, 2011 is a period of 1m 4d=14 Sham
                                is a period of 35d Farcical, Pretend

From Feb 5, 2011 – Jan 1 2012 is a period of 10m 27d 1027=127 Manufactured
                                is a period of 47w Contrived
                                is a period of 330d/3=110 Hoaxster

At age Five Four Getty died 109=19 Bogus (127 Manufactured) (116 Fictionize) 
(235/5=47 Contrived) (359=72p Improvisation) (F 339/3=113 Fiction, B.S.....) 
(FB 466/2=233=51p Dishonesty, Illusion) (S 1005/5=201=21 Hoax)

died at Wormsley, Buckinghamshire 141 Untruths, Extemporize (159 This Is A Lie
(165 Manipulatory) (321/3=107 Trickery, Pretend) (F 373=74p Baloney, Fakeries) 
(FB 640/5=128 Artificialize) (E 2400=24 Con Man, Farce) 
(J 2200=220/2=110 Hoaxster) (O1 207=27 Faked) (Pr 1003=103 B.S.)

Since his Nineteen Eighty One drug overdose 199=46p Deception, Bamboozler 
(226/2=113 Mainstream Operation......) (433=84p Shamming
(F 537/3=179=41p Not Real, Falsehood) (FB 862/2=431=83p The Great Deceiver) 
(Pr 1341/9=149 Purposeful, Conspirator)

Watch the movie ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD and I thought if I was that rich then I could buy myself a KIDNAPPING with all the bells and whistles. Is that what J.P. Getty III had done because the numbers seem to agree with my thoughts.

This decode is very revealing as to J.P. age and location of death with the familiar 113 and other undeniable number decodes.

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